Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Print Your Own Drop Cloth Flags

I could have gone to the store and bough some flags - but that is not my style. I decided to print my own on my favorite material - drop cloth.

Here is what I did....

1. Get an image of the desired flag. Here are links to the ones I used
Copy and pasted images on to your favorite computer program, and resize to desired size. Check out my tutorial HERE on how to print on fabric.

2. Cut out the flags, leaving a border around the flag if you would like frayed edges. Fray the fabric by pulling out several of the threads in the fabric.

3. Fold over the edge of the flag around a wooden skewer. Hot glue into place. 

For a second flag or if you want a double sided flag - flip the image if you are making an American flag or other flags that would need the image flipped. The Canadian flag worked both ways.

My flags are adorning the wreath on my door.

After Canada day (July 1) I will change my Canadian flags to get ready for July 4th.

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I have been looking for a certain size flag and haven't been able to find any but now (talk about an ah ha moment) I can make my own.