Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happiness is Homemade Marriage Survival Kit Take Two

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Last year I made a marriage survival kit with this same theme (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT). I found some adorable kitchen items at Michael's but only one of the items was the same as the gift basket last year, so I needed to make some new sayings and new tags. Here is what is in the kit.

The tags are free for personal use. Find the tag file HERE. I attached the corresponding tag to each item. I put them in a box and tied lace around the box to dress it up. If you want to add the quotes - cut the quote part a little smaller and glue on the back.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

DIY Paper Birch Easter Basket

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I made some cute little paper birch Easter baskets. I made them out of white poster board/card stock and then wrapped them with birch wrapping paper. I purchased the wrapping paper from Winners/Home Sense. I love the beautiful paper that is found there sometimes.
You can make these any size. I liked the size that came from an 8x10 piece of poster board.

After making the box, wrap a 3" wide strip of paper around it. Adhere with glue of choice.
If you want the handle to match, wrap that with paper before gluing onto the basket. I glued my handle on before I wrapped it with paper but it would make for a cute effect if you put in on top and put a brad in there. 

They turned out pretty cute. For the finishing touch I added Easter tags FOUND HERE that I put on with pop dots.
Happy creating!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Free Easter Tag Printables

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I am wanting to make some paper birch baskets and needed to make some tags to go with them. I made some adult tags and tags that would work to give to kids as well. Come back in a few days to see how they go with paper birch baskets!! Click HERE for the pdf file. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2017 Visiting Teaching Message Handout Idea

Hello! Welcome to my blog! April's Visiting Teaching message is on The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. For the full message 
I created a printable that has most of the quotes that are in the message with a few additions.
For the pdf version click here:

I have these quotes in a sun because of an analogy Neil L. Anderson gave a few years ago in 
General Conference:

A man may open the drapes so the warm sunlight comes into the room, but the man does not own the sun or the light or the warmth it brings. The blessings of the priesthood are infinitely greater than the one who is asked to administer the gift.

I just love that analogy, and that talk - which teaches about the power of the priesthood. Click
I made a handout with that quote as the theme.
I saw a cute curtain card online and used that as my inspiration. Check it out HERE.
For the pdf file of the Visiting Teaching handout  CLICK HERE. Here is what it looks like:

I also love the quote:
If you want light to come into your life, 
you need to stand where it is shining.

I think this relates to this months message. Too often we stand in the shadows when it comes to the power of the priesthood because we don't fully understand it. As Neil L. Anderson said - "We sometimes overly associate the power of the priesthood with men in the Church. The priesthood is the power and authority of God given for the salvation and blessing of all - men, women and children."

We can invite sunshine into our lives as we "...expand (our) understanding of the priesthood..."
Linda K. Burton
because we will "come in possession of the privileges and blessings and gifts of the Priesthood." Joseph Smith

To make the card - after printing out the sheet you will need to fold the card into quarters, cut out the front window and make the curtains. I used double sided tape to adhere two pieces of 2" ribbon onto a thin strip of paper that I used for a curtain rod. Then I tied each ribbon at the bottom with 
some floss to give it a curtain look.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake Tutorial

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I was looking back in my project pictures and found this diaper cake I made four years ago before our first grandchild was born. Another grandchild will be born soon - so my mind has been on baby creations again. 
Here is how to make a diaper cake:

I decided to make a Winnie the Pooh themed diaper cake because I just love this Winnie the Pooh quote:
"The smallish things take up the 
most room in your heart."
 I made this rosette to put on top of the diaper cake.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How To Make Posters or Invitations with iPad or iMac

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I don't own any expensive publishing programs for my computer or for my iPad, but I am able to make do with the Keynote app. It is the Mac version of Powerpoint. What I like about it is I can move any clip art or words to any spot I want on the page. I can even convert the files to pdf, jpeg or other options. I can also iCloud the files to be on my iPad and my Mac computer. 

I make a lot of posters and invitations and newsletters for church.  I make a lot of visuals and worksheets for my work as well. I can make them at my desk in my classroom and send them to the office through email to print. It is super easy. For a lot of the clip art or backgrounds, I just search the internet. If you are putting clip art on to a background you need them to be transparent - meaning it won't have a white frame around it. There is a way to get rid of that edge, but that is another post. I am self taught - so I am no professional - however I have been doing this for years and I do get better the more I practice. I learn new things all the time too!
This particular poster has three parts to it, plus the typing:

With the iPad, one is limited to the fonts that come with Keynote - although there are apps that make the iPad capable of adding more stylish fonts if you are willing to pay for it. 

I used to be at the mercy of  pre-made invitations. Not any more. I like the 4-H motto, which definitely helped me out when it came to making things on my computer - LEARN TO DO BY DOING!
Why don't you give it a try?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Have a "Tea"riffic Birthday Gift Basket Idea

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I have a problem. I can't just give ordinary presents. They need to have a bit of a creative side to them. Sometimes I have to give in and just get a present due to time restrictions or a lack of creative juices at the moment. The present needs to be inspired by the recipient of the gift of course. I try to think of what the individuals likes and dislikes are. I have to think about it for a while. I don't always know what the gift is going to be when I go shopping, like in this case. I just happened so see this adorable cup - and I thought - tea gift set. I lucked out and had scrapbook paper that went with the cup, and the gift card. I was able to put cute tags with some of the items, and dress up the gift card holder. This is what I put in the cup:

Here is the tag I made. I glued it to a skewer and tied a lace bow on it. 

I hope this idea helps you if you like to give creative gifts too!
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