Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Bouquet

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I made this simple Valentine bouquet for my nieces birthday present. I utilized a few ideas I gathered via Pinterest. I love it when I actually do ideas that I have pinned.

For the base I used a medium sized can. I printed a script background on to drop cloth material. For the tutorial CLICK HERE. I found the image via Melz Stamps - CLICK HERE for the link.
I glued the fabric with hot glue to the can. I made a felt rosette and glued that to the top of the can.

Before making the bouquet - I added some weight to the can. I put about four rocks in the bottom, and then made some plaster and covered the rocks.

I hot glued a styrofoam ball in the can and put in the skewers that I had decorated. I made two paper hearts (filled with candies). I added a gift card to the mini envelope I hot glued on to a skewer. I also clipped on a keychain I made to a skewer (click here for keychain tutorial). For the last step, I added some shredded tissue to the can to cover the styrofoam.

This was a fun project!
Why don't you give it a try?

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