Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Woodsies Flower in Pot

I think the cutest little gift my daughter made for her grandmother's was a little woodsies flower. This is the only pic I have of it so it is difficult to see - but the paper piecing flower on this scrapbook page gives you kind of the idea.  The supplies are:
woodsies flower
woodsies leaf shapes
small woodsies heart (optional)
popsicle stick
permanent marker
plaster of paris
small clay flower pot
tacky glue

1. Paint the flower pot desired colors. We painted the brim white and the base striped green and light green. It sort of looked like watermelon colors.
2. Paint the woodsies desired colors. 
3. Draw on flower face with a sharpie.  Outline the leaves and stem with dotted lines if desired. 
4. Mix plaster of paris according to package directions and pour in clay pot. Insert popsicle stick, making sure to leave enough of the stick above to glue on leaves and flowers. Hold until set or prop upright with books or something so it stays centered.
5. Glue flower together. 
6. On the front of the flower pot write "I heart grandma"or whoever you are giving it to. 
I like the look of a tiny heart woodsie for the heart. 
7. Put moss on top of plaster in pot. Glue to secure. 

And there you have it. A cute little gift that the little ones can help make. 

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