Friday, April 8, 2011

Recycled "Spring" Sign Tutorial

I love my recycled "Spring" sign. I recycled wood, cardboard, nature, and went thrift store shopping.
I have seen all those moss letters around but I wasn't planning on making any. It is funny how projects change. I was going to paint "spring" on this sign but I decided otherwise. 
Let me show you how I made my sign from recycled materials...

I printed "spring" off my computer. I loved this font (Harrrington size 650) but quickly realized that the moss covers the cool curves. I ended up adjusting the font. A plain old bold font would work best. I put the spring print outs on cardboard and traced over the letters, pressing hard to make an imprint in the cardboard. I cut the letters out with an exacto knife.

I proceeded to glue moss on the letters. After looking around on blog land I was going to buy carpet moss. Then I went for a walk and discovered some moss under a tree. I decided to use that - why go to a store. I did have dried moss but the moss needs to be pretty fresh to work with. 
Working an inch or two at a time - hot glue the moss on the cardboard. This is messy so do what you need to do for the easiest cleanup. 

The moss is very forgiving. I squished it on the letter to make sure it got a good bond to the glue and then I fluffed it up again. 

Proceed little by little until your letter is filled. Continue will all letters. 

My board came from this door. It looks like this door is on an operating table. It did go through a major transformation and I am so excited about its new look - but that is for another post - when it is finished. 

I hot glued the letters on using the glue sparingly as I plan to change this board up once in a while.

I found these sweet little scrolls in a bag of goodies at a thrift store for 50 cents.

I glued them to each corner, popping them off the edge a bit.

I hot glued a crepe paper flower to dot the "i" - click HERE to go to that tutorial.

And there you have it - a sign that costs pretty much - nothing.
I love recycling!


  1. oh my gosh that is such a cute idea! i just found your blog at little brick ranch and i have been have a way cute blog! you should come and check my blog out sometime

  2. That is lovely and I appreciated the instructions.

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  4. So cute! I need to do something with that blue color and I love the moss letters!

  5. so cute! love the dot on the i. :)

  6. This is soo cute!!

  7. oh wow this is gorgeous. I love the rose over the "i". so great.

  8. Oh this is beautiful! I have just started seeing entire words from the moss letters and now you added yours to a plaque, GORGEOUS! I would love to have you share this at my VIP party this weekend =)

  9. Thanks for the reverent bug idea! I might try something similar with a butterfly. I'm currently making plans for lessons involving a butterfly illustration. I want to show how people are transformed by Christ. I think an reverent butterfly might be in order! :)

  10. This is just great! Such a fun sign!

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  12. Oh, my goodness, that sign is SUPER ADORABLE!! I love everything you featured. I'm so glad we found each other!! You are very, very talented. I'm going to be your newest follower! YAY!!

  13. Hi! Found you on Under the Table and Dreaming. This project is a-ma-zing! I am going to make one myself!! =) Thanks for the great tutorial!

  14. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this sign!! Absolutely beautiful! And your blog name is super cute too :)

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  16. Love your spring/moss sign. It turned out reat!
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    Jennifer@Decorated Chaos