Friday, September 21, 2012

Pretzel Mummies - And How to Make Your Own Candy Eyes

I saw some adorable pretzel mummies made by Midwestern Girl and I just had to make them myself. Please go to her blog by CLICKING HERE to see her adorable mummies and she gives instructions on how to make them. I could not find the candy eyes. Although this deterred me from making these adorable creatures for a while I decided to try making my own. 

These were surprisingly easy to make. I piped blobs of royal icing on waxed paper. (CLICK HERE for a royal icing recipe.) Then I put a spoonful of icing on a yogurt container lid, added a little bit of water, and colored the icing brown (I would have used black if I had it). While the icing blobs were still soft - I dabbed the end of a toothpick into the brown icing and dabbed it on to the white icing blobs. I let these dry overnight so they were really hard before I starting decorating with them. 

When I placed the eyes on the pretzel ( I glued them down with melted chocolate) I liked using one eye that was bigger and one eye that was smaller for a pair. It gave for a more zombie affect. The picture of a the cup is showing a technique that I saw on Pinterest. I used a sandwich bag to put my melted chocolate in and then I cut a tiny hole in one of the corners. I draped the sandwich bag over the cup and scooped the melted chocolate in. This got the chocolate right to the bottom of the bag without touching the sides. You might already do this - but I was just thrilled to find this tip out as I filled piping bags the hard way before.

I packaged the pretzels up and put them in a home made treat bag (click here for tutorial). I gave this treat to one of my friends boys - so I put the saying "Be good to your mummy" on the bag.

I made the tag by wrapping streamer (that I ripped in half lengthwise)  around a blank tag and pasted  googlie eyes on. Pretty simple!

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