Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wrapping Survival Kit

Do you know anyone that has wrapping issues? I am big on survival kits - and this kit is probably one of the handiest ones I have made. I only made one this year - but I am thinking of doing more for next year. I know that I could have used this gift wrapping survival kit on many occasions. Here is what I put into it....
1. Boxes - I bought these boxes at Stitches. They were the nicest boxes I have seen - I bought them for 50 cents too!
2. Gift Bags - I made an assortment of bags - but $ stores have a good assortment if you need to make this in a hurry.
3. Ribbon - I bought ribbon at a fabric store and put them on a fancy cards. I also included some jute to tie tags on. I attached all of these on a metal ring. 
4. Tags - I made tags, and printed out some tags for an assortment. I put them in a little glassine bag to have them all together.
5. Tape, scissors - and not pictured here - PEN. I put all of these in a plastic case so they are together and easy to find. 
6. Tissue - I bought a big multi colored pack.
7. Gift Wrap - I bought 2 colored rolls and a roll of kraft paper. 
8. Door Hanger - handy to let others know you would like some privacy.

Here are some close ups of my hand made items.

This is the card I wrapped the ribbon around. After cutting out the shape with my lacy labels cricut cartridge, I inked the edges. You can download the image below for personal use.
Right click on the image - click on copy image - paste into your favorite program - resize as desired -  and print. 

I put everything into a large burlap bag that I purchased at a $ store. To finish it off I added a survival kit sign and a bow. 

Here is the survival kit sign image. You can download the image for personal use.
Right click on the image - click on copy image - paste into your favorite program - resize as desired -  and print. 

I am thinking it would be a good idea to give my husband one of these - he always seems to have  wrapping issues. 
Thanks for stopping by and happy wrapping!!!

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  1. This is definitely a good idea for the men in our lives! Great for college students and especially children to have their own special wrapping kit! I like it!
    I a new follower now!

  2. Great post! Surely this is a must have post for anyone stressing about wrapping!

  3. I just watched an episode of the Talk on TV where the hosts were given 45 seconds to wrap a round box. No it was not pretty! I use a glue gun for everything and have not used tape in ages! I hate it when the edges unravel!
    A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from