Monday, November 8, 2010

Senior Citizen Survival Kit

My mom turned "65" last week and I wanted to make a memorable gift for her. Since I love making survival kits, I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. I wasn't too nasty to her. I wanted everything in the survival kit to be practical, but I also wanted some humor. This is what I put in it....

Oil of Old Age - Olive Oil. I added on some beauty secrets that one can use with olive oil. I have tried it on my skin and it actually feels amazing.

Here are the beauty secrets I found....
Olive Oil Beauty Secrets
by Melissa Eaton
We all know that olive oil is wonderful and healthy for us to cook with, but what about its other uses? Truthfully, olive oil is another main ingredient in several beauty products you can buy on the shelf. See for yourself how you can make your own skin cocktails and save a little money at the same time.
1. A mixture of 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup vinegar, and 1/4 cup water used as a night cream will make your skin glow. The olive oil softens and moisturizes and the vinegar lightens discolorations, kills bacteria and loosens dead skin cells. Splash water on your face before applying.
2. Olive oil can be used as cleansing cream if your skin is dry.
3. For a facial, wet face thoroughly, then massage olive oil into your skin. Use about a half teaspoon of sugar and scrub your face with that, then wipe off gently with a warm, wet cloth until the sugar is all gone.
4. Use olive oil on your feet with clean white cotton socks. Helps to soften up you feet and it absorbs better than baby oil.
5. It seems when you pour olive oil out there is always a drip, so wipe it up with your hand and rub it in to your elbows. Wonderful softening properties
6. Use olive oil as bath oil. Two to three tablespoons will do the trick.
7. Use olive oil for your hair. Not only does it condition, but it also gets rid of the frizz. Put a small drop into your palm & then rub both hands together & apply it to dry hair.
Wrinkle Remover - Iron on Starch for when the iron isn't enough.

Energizer Batteries, to keep you going and going.

Act II Popcorn, welcome to another stage of life. Play your part well!

Socks - Sit back and kick up your feet. Relax! You've earned it!

Life is a Puzzle - Just in case you haven't figured out the "big" picture, here is one you can.

Laughter is the best medicine - but when that isn't enough, try the medicine cabinet
(pain reliever and antacids)

Senior Moments - memory loss mints

I printed out tags and tied the tags to each item with golden tulle. I bought a waste basket (I wanted everything to be practical) and put all the items in it. I printed out a BIG label for the waste basket that said - Senior Citizen's Survival Kit - for those golden years. I taped the sign on and tied a golden tulle ribbon around the basket. I concealed the items in the waste basket with gold tissue paper.


  1. Love the survival kit Sue, great ideas! Looks so good on your blog...

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  3. Love this idea. I am going to make one of these for my mom with a few changed I think.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I would love to hear what you did differently for some new ideas!!

  4. I pinned this to my board. Will make wonderful gifts for many seniors who have everything. Maybe not life supporting but certainly life endorsing. Great fun. My church hosts annual "everybody's birthday" for those over 80 and some are over 100. These would make memorable gifts for the BD folks, and for shut ins. Could be a school class project or Sunday school project. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love the idea of an "everybody's birthday"! Thank you for sharing that. Maybe I can get that started at my church!

  5. I think this great! I have a party April 6th for a gentleman turning 50. I am going use this as a gift from the hostess. Great idea!

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  7. This is so great!!my mom turns 60 next week, ive been looking for ideas--she has the perfect sense of humor for something like this.. thank you for sharing!!

  8. Ive been looking for ideas for my moms 60th!!this is great! She has the perfect sense of humor for a gift like this, practical yet funny!!thank you

  9. Thank you for all of these great ideas. We are working on a bag for our Seniors @ church. I love the socks, lip balm and the puzzle.

  10. This is a brilliant idea and can be altered as needed. I am making this for a girl friends 50th but am changing it slightly. Many thanks for sharing and the time you spent doing so. Tania from Germany

  11. Very clever, Love all of your ideas.

  12. Emmie Adrian 4/4/14April 4, 2014 at 12:17 PM

    Great ideas. Will use this as a basis for a 65th HS reunion party. Thanks!!!

  13. adding a little box of Rice Crispies: so you can put that "snap, crackle and pop" back in the bowl where they belong! for my Father in Law's 70th, this week

  14. Which font did you use to create all of the gift tags?

  15. I've made two of these for friends who were having 60th birthdays and/or retiring. They both turned out great. I added 2 splits of wine and the tag said,
    "When everything else fails, WHINE" I also added a couple of lottery tickets with a tag that said, "I hope you win big, so you can retire in STYLE!"
    This gift was fun to make and fun for the recipient to open, piece by piece. I love that everything in this gift is something useable, too. In total, I spent around $60.00 for each one.

  16. I loved this so much when I first stumbled upon it that I decided to do a spin off of it for my Dad's 60th coming up! It's hilarious, and I know he'll get a kick out of it.

    Can I ask you how or where you printed off the tags, or templates? I'll take any advice or links if you have em! :)