Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make Your Own Family Photo Christmas Card

It is easy to make your own family photo Christmas Card. Here is how I made mine:

1. Use the publishing program of your choice on your computer. I have a Mac. I use Keynote.

2. Choose a background color. I chose black. 

3. Insert a picture. I put a white border around my picture.

4. Type in a sentiment. The handwriting font I used is called Porcelain. I downloaded it for FREE. Find this font and other free Christmas fonts HERE.

5. Add clip art. I downloaded an awesome Christmas dingbat font called Winter Wonderland. This dingbat has the beautiful snowflake I used on my card and other wonderful Christmas clip arts. Actually, I downloaded quite a few dingbats from this particular site. Check it out HERE.

6. After I was happy with how everything looked, I clicked on File and then export. I clicked on the images button, made sure it said JPEG file, and saved it to my iphoto. In iphoto I cropped it to constrain it to a 4x6, but you can choose whatever.

7. Now I will transfer it to a jump drive and print it out at Superstore ( Walmart photo is way too busy at this time of year ).

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