Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Cake For a Dog and Cupcakes For You

Meet Pence. He is my daughter's dog. He was sold to her as a Beagle/Border Collie Cross. This is a picture of him when he was six months old. He definitely has some other breed in him as he is HUGE now. Most people guess it is Great Dane. What do you think?
Whatever breed he is - it is a good mix. He is such a good dog. My daughter has trained him to do all sorts of tricks - SIT, DOWN, ROLL OVER, BANG (he falls down like he is dead), SPIN, CRAWL, STAY and HIGH FIVE. This dog does not bark. To go outside he rings a bell. When he wants to get up, he yawns - trying to wake my daughter up politely. He is so cute. I just love this guy to pieces. 

He celebrated his first birthday last week. I suggested to my daughter that she make him a cake. This is what she did: 

Ingredients:  a can of dog food and some dog biscuits. My daughter reformed the dog food in an individual sized pot pie plate and plopped it on to another plate, then she put dog biscuits around the base. A simple special cake for the birthday boy - and boy did he love it!

Then I made cupcakes for the humans in the house, and topped them with doggie biscuits, or I should say, gingerbread cookies shaped into dog biscuits. Get the gingerbread cookie recipe I use by clicking

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  1. You're puppy is TOO CUTE! We just celebrated our dog's first birthday and he got an ice cream cone! We're coming up on the first anniversary of us adopting him, so he might need a cute doggy cake, and we FOR SURE need those cupcakes!

    Here's my baby! I'm a proud mommy! http://kristina-zufall.blogspot.com/2011/04/until-cows-come-home.html

  2. Pence is a really handsome and regal looking boy- and smart too! It kills me that he rings a bell when he wants to go out. I think Great Dane is a good guess for the other part of Pence- his paws look like my neighbors' Great Dane's paws.

  3. Pence is one smart DUDE!!~ Handsome too! I am so loving this party. Meeting all these beautiful breeds and hearing these stories is just so heart warming. Thanks for sharing. Have fun!

  4. Ahh, Happy Birthday Pence. From your other Furr Friends. Baxter, Benny, and Deaf Keller.
    Man, your Birthday Cake sure did look good, we are telling our Mommy to get a good look at it and make us one. Thanks for sharing.

    Baxter, Benny, and Keller
    and our Mom - Lisa

  5. Happy Birthday Pence you sure are a handsome fellow! Martina

  6. Happy birthday big guy. I love the cake and cupcakes ideas. Sooo cute.

  7. What a fun birthday Pence had!

  8. Look how nicely he poses for his picture! Great ideas for a doggie birthday:)

  9. waht an absolutely gorgeous dog!!!!

  10. Pence is posing so nicely I had to come over and visit from Debbie's party. I'd like to invite you to sign up for my pet portrait give away! You have a handsome model! I'm your newest follower