Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Bouquet

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I made this simple Valentine bouquet for my nieces birthday present. I utilized a few ideas I gathered via Pinterest. I love it when I actually do ideas that I have pinned.

For the base I used a medium sized can. I printed a script background on to drop cloth material. For the tutorial CLICK HERE. I found the image via Melz Stamps - CLICK HERE for the link.
I glued the fabric with hot glue to the can. I made a felt rosette and glued that to the top of the can.

Before making the bouquet - I added some weight to the can. I put about four rocks in the bottom, and then made some plaster and covered the rocks.

I hot glued a styrofoam ball in the can and put in the skewers that I had decorated. I made two paper hearts (filled with candies). I added a gift card to the mini envelope I hot glued on to a skewer. I also clipped on a keychain I made to a skewer (click here for keychain tutorial). For the last step, I added some shredded tissue to the can to cover the styrofoam.

This was a fun project!
Why don't you give it a try?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Fabric Key Chain

Hello! Welcome to my blog!
I made these key chains last year to put in a Valentine's Day goodie basket. I am making a few more this year to give as quick and easy Valentine's gifts. Here is how I made them:

I made the images on my favorite computer program and printed them out on drop cloth. I adhered an
 8 1/2 x 11 piece of fabric to a piece of card stock with double sided tape at the top. For a full tutorial on how to print on fabric - CLICK HERE.  

I cut out the image leaving a border around the heart so I could fray the edges. I added a strip of frayed fabric (folded in half to make a loop )to the inside top left corner of the heart to hold the key ring. I sewed around the heart right next to the black ink - leaving an inch and a half open to put in a bit of stuffing. I sewed it close after I stuffed it. Add a key ring to the loop or leave it as it is to use
as a gift topper.
The image is below if you would like to try one yourself!!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Masculine Valentine's Day Card Ideas

I find making cards for my husband a challenge. I am so thankful for those who create wonderful ideas for the men in our lives. Each picture below links to my blog posts for that particular card. Please click on the links in the various posts to look at the original where I got these ideas from because I did not make them exactly as the original.

And this year I made this card....

The idea was from "Just Give Me Stamps" and you need to check out her colorful card HERE!

I printed out my colors (see images below) tore the paper in sections, and pasted the strips on to a black card stock card. I printed out a clip art TV found HERE. I printed it out in grayscale from my computer. I added a sparkly heart sticker to the middle of the TV and that made for an easy card.

Hopefully these give you some ideas!!

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Deluxe Card For Your Significant Other

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I made this card a few years ago for my husband for our anniversary.  It is an envelope album.
I call this a "deluxe" card as it is much more than a regular card. I put marriage quotes in the album, along with some personal "love notes". I also added some pictures of us as a couple.

Here are the quotes you can copy and paste for your personal use... right click on the desired image, open in new window, copy and paste into desired program. Resize if needed and print. 

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