Sunday, November 24, 2013

Woman of God Survival Kit

 Hello! Welcome to my blog! I made this gift last year and didn't have to time to post it on my blog in time for Christmas. I have given this gift to people that I work closely with at church over the years. Although I hope they find value in the gift, I know that I always benefit from it as I ponder the analogies and lessons with each item. Here is what I put in the gift....

 1. Love the Lord with all your heart - HEART ORNAMENT

2. Reflect on your divine nature - MIRROR.

3. Draw close to your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ - PEN AND PAPER

4. Don't waster energy - FLORESCENT BULB

5. Feast on the delicious fruit - MINI FRUIT PIE


*Quotes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaders*

Wrap it up pretty and there you go!!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Photo Christmas Card

Hi! Welcome to my blog! I haven't been on my blog for months, and now two posts in two days. Christmas must be just around the corner!! I wanted to share the card I made for this year. The details of the fonts and dings I used are in the picture below.

And here is the background.... Put a nice deep red border around it to make it pop!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I have been on a little bit of a hiatus from my blog due to going back to school and such but it is great to be back crafting and blogging. Christmas is right around the corner and I needed to make my daughter a new advent calendar. She has moved out and so I thought she might need a little Christmas cheer in her new place. Here is how I made it....

1. I wrapped a styrofoam cone with greenery garland, then glued the tree into a medium tuna can that I covered with Christmas scrapbook paper. 
2. The ornaments on the tree are mini envelopes that I sliced the tops off of. I stuck a wire into the tree that I made a loop in the end to attach a mini clothespin to hang. The wire was about 3 inches, folded in half and then twisted together at the end leaving a loop at the fold.
 3. I wrapped match boxes and added ribbon with a mini tag to hold the number.

4. I made mini versions of the box bag that I love to make CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL. The cardboard for the bottom measures 2"x2". The paper measured 4 1/2 inches length and 3 inches height. I cut off the top of the bag with decorative scissors.

5. I bought a decorative plate from Michael's for 69 cents ( Halloween/Thanksgiving clearance ). They have them coming up for sale this week for a great deal as well - not 69 cents but as good as you will get before Christmas.

I wanted to make this advent calendar refillable, hence the bags, boxes and envelopes. I have a mini set of lights that I might add to it as well. 

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