Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turn Your Family Into Leprechauns

We had some little leprechauns invade our mantel the other day. This little project is good for some laughs. I printed out the graphics I needed (pictures, body, hat). I found the leprechaun body on a blog called The First Grade Parade. I found the hat on a website called Sweet Clip Art. After printing all the graphics, I cut out all the pieces and glued them accordingly.  I made sure the pictures were head on shots. 
I cut a slit between the legs and slipped a piece of paper in so the leprechaun could stand.

....and I made the whole family into leprechauns.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Lucky Us - St. Patrick's Day Sign

I love this piece of wood I have. I have changed this sign up three times now for different seasons (click here to see the Valentine sign). Here is the St. Patrick's Day version. I printed out two dictionary pages that I got from the Graphics Fairy on card stock with the word "lucky" using the font "Hobo" size 500 in a light color. I outlined the letters with a sharpie to get a hand drawn look - then I cut the letters out leaving a border around them. Then I hot glued the letters on the wood. I also hot glued shamrocks that I made last year - CLICK HERE for the tutorial. I hot glued the letters for the Valentine version of the sign and I was surprised how well they came off. I am guessing it is because the wood is not painted. Now for an idea for Easter????

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Use Different Sized Jars on Your Blender

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I had to give it a try. I love the idea of using a jar on the blender.

I have an Oster blender. The size of jar that fits my blender is a standard size lid (not wide mouth). I tried tomatoes for my first experiment. I cut them in quarters, put them in the jar, and blended them to the consistency I wanted. Then I put the lid on and stored it in my fridge for a few days until I was ready to use it.

 I had to see if the little jars worked too! 

I took a standard size 250 ml. jar and gave it a whirl. 

And it worked like a charm. Some times I need just a little bit of stuff blended like crackers, or a small tomato. Instead of getting out the big blender glass - these little jars are perfect.

250 ml jar = 1/2 pint
500 ml jar = 1 pint
1000 ml jar = 1 quart

This is something definitely worth trying!!!
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Same Plate, Different Season - Interchangeable Plates Using Contact Paper

Do you remember the Halloween plates I made? These dinner plates went perfect with our spooky Halloween meal.
I made these with the intention of changing them up every season. I finally made my second decals for Valentines Day. I made what I wanted on my plate with my favorite computer program - then I FLIPPED the picture - and printed it on clear contact paper that is used to cover shelves.  Go to the tutorial HERE to get all the details.
I wanted to save the decals from Halloween - so I took the decal off - and put it on the backing from the new decal.

I tried using some color this time and it turned out great! 
Now what to do next time???

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Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Make Box Bags

I am heading up a service project that needed a basket or bag. I saw a tutorial HERE on how to make a box bag - but the bag was way too small for what we needed. I liked the idea and I made some adjustments to make bigger bags. The problem it posed was that we needed paper that was bigger than 12 inches. I found some fabulous wrapping paper that did the trick. Thin wrapping paper works, but try and find the better quality thicker paper. Here is how you make the box bags:

Choose your size, and make the box bottom.

For the small bag - cut paper that is 6 inches high and 14 inches long.

For the medium bag - cut paper that is 7 inches high and 15 inches long.

For the large bag - cut paper that is 8 inches high and 21 inches long.
* If you want to cut a fancy edge - make the paper 1/2 -1 inch higher*

I have some awesome ladies working with me on this service project. We made 24 large bags. These bags are a little addicting to make.

Have fun with all the possibilities these box bags have to offer!!

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