Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April Fools - Is it a Cake or a Sandwich?

It is a sandwich. A deluxe layered sandwich!!

 I saw a really neat Swedish sandwich on Pinterest that I wanted to try for April Fool's Day.
Check out this incredible sandwich HERE on a blog called Panini Happy. I had to skip a few steps like the hard boiled eggs, shrimp, radishes and parsley on the outside of the sandwich, as that would be a total give away that it isn't a cake. This is what I did....
1. I baked bread in a spring form pan. I used a white bread recipe and replaced some of the white flour with ground flax. I cut the bread into thirds. Leave the spring form bottom on so it can easily be transferred to the fridge until you are ready to eat.
2. I made salmon salad and spread it on the bottom layer of the bread - topping it with sliced cucumbers.
3. I put on the middle layer of bread and spread egg salad on it - topping it with sliced Romaine lettuce.
4. I put the top of the bread on and iced it with a cream cheese/sour cream icing (half a cup of each).

I was a little worried about how the sandwich would taste - but it was tasty! I am thinking of doing this again but trying out some other layers like avocado and shrimp, chicken salad and deli cuts.

For April Fool's Day in the past I have made a meat loaf and iced it with potatoes to look like a cake. What I like about this idea is that you don't have to worry about it getting cold while you ice it. 

I hope this gives you some ideas!!!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Collection of Easter Crafts

To start my Easter crafting juices this year I thought I would look back at what I made last year. 

1. Baking Soda Robin Eggs - these were fun to make, and so much cheaper than buying them in the store. The baking soda clay is the nicest home made clay I have made - and I like the idea that it air dries. 
2. Cardboard Bunny - I love this bunny. It is made out of cardboard, scrapbook paper and mod podge.
3. Easter Egg Pillow - This pillow is made out of old wool sweaters. 
4. Spring Sign - The letters are made out of homemade cardboard letters and fresh moss I collected.
5. Felt Easter Bunny Treat Bag - a fun little treat bag to make.
6. Carrot Favor Box - This is my version of the Stampin-up Carrot favor box.
7. Treat Bag Made from an Envelope - Everyone has got to try this at least once - I had no idea a bag could be made from an envelope. The graphic is from Graphics Fairy.
8. Chocolate Easter Egg Bowl - Using a water balloon as a mold, these chocolate Easter egg bowls are perfect to put other treats in.
CLICK HERE to go to the tutorial.

Now that I have done inventory of last year's projects - I am on to the new ones. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

****I have been made aware that I did not put a link for the flower tree***
Here it is...
Pastel Flower Tree

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Families That Eat Together, Stay Together - Gift Set

I like to give unique wedding gifts. The latest wedding gift I made was to promote eating together. For the gift set I bought serving dishes and bowls, place mats, hot pads, and a family wood sign. I bundled all this up and attached a booklet that I made with some quotes on the importance and benefits of eating together as a family. The images for the booklet are below....
There are all sorts of other things that can go in a gift set like this - table cloths, cutlery, serving utensils, centerpieces, napkins, etc., etc. There are so many possibilities.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Paper Cupcake Gift Card Holder

I don't like giving "Just a Gift Card" for a present if I can help it. I am BIG on the presentation of the gift. I saw this sweet idea and needed to try it. There is a wonderful tutorial by "Fabulously Artsy" on how to make a paper cupcake gift card holder - CLICK HERE - to go to it. Basically, this cupcake is a decorated styrofoam ball (that is cut in half to slide the gift card into) in a homemade cupcake liner. I used some upholstery trim fabric for the icing on my cupcake and glued on miniature styrofoam balls for sprinkles instead of what the video shows- but really, the sky is the limit on what you can ice this cupcake with.

I bought a mini glass cake stand and dome to put the cupcake in. Some people at the birthday party
were not sure if it was a real cupcake or not. It looked pretty cool - and the birthday girl was tickled pink. This was a fun project to do!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Irish Roots - Wood and Burlap Sign

In honor of our Irish ancestors, I made a wood and burlap sign for a St. Patrick's Day display. I painted the burlap green - let it dry - and then ran the burlap through the printer using graphics I put together. Then I adhered the burlap to a painted wood block with furniture tacks.
Here are the graphics....
Right click on desired image - copy - and paste into your favorite computer program and print.

To see the post on the Heritage Blocks I made - CLICK HERE -

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Heritage Blocks

 I seen these beautiful Heritage Blocks ON THIS BLOG called "Heritage Unwrapped", and loved the idea. In honor of my Irish Great - Great Grandparents - I made these heritage blocks for a St. Patrick's Day display. 
I got some 2x4 scraps - sanded them and painted them.
I laser printed my great,great grandparents pictures, with other information, and cut it out to fit the blocks. I needed this laser printed so I could mod podge the paper on the blocks - printer ink runs.
I cut out scrapbook paper that I liked to fill in areas of the block.
On the front I pasted the big picture, with the surname initial. On one of the sides I pasted who my great, great grandfather married, with the date and her picture. On the other side of the block, I have the names of their children. I pasted scrapbook paper on the top of the block and the bottom of the block.
After pasting everything on - I covered the whole block with mod podge. 
I love these blocks. 
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