Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Collection of Easter Crafts

To start my Easter crafting juices this year I thought I would look back at what I made last year. 

1. Baking Soda Robin Eggs - these were fun to make, and so much cheaper than buying them in the store. The baking soda clay is the nicest home made clay I have made - and I like the idea that it air dries. 
2. Cardboard Bunny - I love this bunny. It is made out of cardboard, scrapbook paper and mod podge.
3. Easter Egg Pillow - This pillow is made out of old wool sweaters. 
4. Spring Sign - The letters are made out of homemade cardboard letters and fresh moss I collected.
5. Felt Easter Bunny Treat Bag - a fun little treat bag to make.
6. Carrot Favor Box - This is my version of the Stampin-up Carrot favor box.
7. Treat Bag Made from an Envelope - Everyone has got to try this at least once - I had no idea a bag could be made from an envelope. The graphic is from Graphics Fairy.
8. Chocolate Easter Egg Bowl - Using a water balloon as a mold, these chocolate Easter egg bowls are perfect to put other treats in.
CLICK HERE to go to the tutorial.

Now that I have done inventory of last year's projects - I am on to the new ones. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

****I have been made aware that I did not put a link for the flower tree***
Here it is...
Pastel Flower Tree


  1. Thanks for all the links. Very interesting crafts!!!

    Easter Crafts

  2. I love ALL of them!! Yet one question, in your first photo of different projects you have a flower tree (I guess is a way to describe it) on the top far right side (1st row 3rd pic) and I don't see a link to it :( Can you let us know where that one is please?