Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make a Tie For Your Pooch

I wanted to make a tie for my daughters dog for Valentines Day. Then I saw a tie from the dollar store and I was just going to tie it on him, but it did not look right, so I got out some scissors and thread and did some changes.

1) I measured our dog's neck, and cut from the thin part of the tie to be the collar part of the tie.
2) I measured how long I wanted the "tie" part and cut accordingly. I sewed the angles at the bottom of the tie. I looped the tie around the collar in the middle and sewed it to adhere - making sure the stitching did not show on the front.
3) I used the thick part of the tie to make the collar look like a shirt.

I tried something different with the back of the collar. Instead of velcro or clasps, I sewed elastic. My daughters dog is really squirmy so I wanted the tie to be easy to take on and off - and the elastic allows the collar to stretch enough to put it on and off - and to do it quickly. 

What a handsome fellow. 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love You Card - A Valentine for Your Man

I saw a simple yet lovely card on Pinterest and knew it was going to be this years Valentine's Day card for my husband. Please check out the inspiration HERE.

I used a crimper on this card - only because my friend had a crimper. If I was doing it on my own I would have used my Martha Stewart scoring board. I embossed the "LOVE YOU" with black ink and clear embossing powder. The heart is a punch that I adhered with a pot dot.

Here are past Valentine's Day Cards that I have made for my husband. Click on the link below for the particulars.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sugar Cookie Hand Scrub

My daughter gave home made sugar cookie hand scrub gifts at Christmas, complete with home made lotion. Of all the varieties of hand scrubs one can make, I am drawn to the sugar cookie one. I am not sure if it is the name, or the sweet scent that comes from it - but this is definitely my favorite. I thought these would make sweet little Valentine gifts to pamper some ladies. I found the recipe on the Self.com
web site. They call it a body scrub - I package it up as a hand scrub, but the recipients of the gift can use it for whatever they want.
I put the scrub into small mason jars. I made labels by cutting a circle out of kraft card stock, machine sewing a line for words, I cut out a burlap heart and sewed a heart button on it. I inked the edges and adhered the label to the metal lid. I got the idea on Pinterest. The lady who makes them has an Etsy shop. You have got to see her mason jar labels - they are adorable CLICK HERE.

I tied a little wooden spoon on with jute (as I like to stir my hand scrub before I use it), and this makes an adorable, no calorie Valentine treat!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love One Another - Valentine's Day Sign

I used the back of the sign I made for Father's Day to make this Love One Another Valentine's sign. I stenciled the words "one another" on black poster board with ivory paint. After it dried I cut the letters out. I had a wooden heart that I got for free (someone was throwing it out) I painted it wine color and sanded the edges. I hot glued the letters on and put a tack in the wood to hold the heart (it had a hanger on the back). This made for a quick and easy sign for my mantel.

One Valentine craft down - many more to go!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

What Can I Dye? An Experiment

I have been seeing all sorts of different items being dyed - so I wanted to do a little experiment on my own. I had some cheap dye from the dollar store that had been sitting around my house for ages in the primary colors. I got three plastic containers and filled them half full with boiling water. I put in half the packet - and stirred each one to dissolve the crystals. Then I started playing - this is what I found out....
  (FYI - after taking the item out of the water - I rinsed it under cool water until the water ran clean)

 Paper doilies were a success! Love them, and the possibilities are endless!

Burlap - another success. I just love how these turned out. I only did little pieces so it will be interesting when I try bigger pieces. 

Glassine bags - success. I didn't think these would take the color but I was wrong. I used the bags that are not waxed.

Muslin - success!

Clothespins - success. I love how I can still see the wood grain. The only thing with the pins is they didn't dye where the wood is together - so when I open the pin the original wood color is still there. 

Buttons - kind of success. I am thinking if I used Rit dye - they would have turned out good. Here is the link at Rit dye on how to dye buttons - CLICK HERE.

Tuling - not as good as I would have liked, but I was surprised it dyed at all.

White beads. They didn't get as dark as I hoped, but I do like them!

Drop cloth turned out great!

Jute - another success, and oh, the possibilities!

Card stock - it colored nice - the paper is now textured and wrinkly, but it looks like handmade paper now. Could be interesting!!

Lunch bag - not a success. The paper went all spotty and weird. 

Acrylic felt - not as successful as I hoped - but it did do a pastel like color. 

Coffee filters - success! If I used white ones, the color would have been more true - but I like the country color look. 

So - there is my experiment. Hopefully this will stir up some creative juices!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sock Monkey iphone or ipod Touch cover

 I have to post what my daughter made my hubbie and I for Christmas. I tell ya, I was so excited to get this gift. I love sock monkeys, and I happened drop a hint to my daughter that she could make me a sock monkey any time. My daughter gets in these creative moods and can make the most adorable and amazing things. One of her specialties is crochet and knitting. 

Here is my hubbie and I - all giddy (well, at least I am), after we opened our present. Our daughter made Mr. and Mrs. sock monkey ipod covers. The "Mrs." sock monkey has a pink mouth, a pink bow, and eye lashes. "Mr." sock monkey has a red mouth and a uni-brow. Our daughter also made a baby sock monkey stuffy (he is in my shirt).

My daughter just wings it when it comes to her creations, so I cannot give any detail on how she made them. I loved that she stitched "mr." and "mrs." on the back. 

I just love homemade gifts! I am going to treasure these.

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