Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make a Tie For Your Pooch

I wanted to make a tie for my daughters dog for Valentines Day. Then I saw a tie from the dollar store and I was just going to tie it on him, but it did not look right, so I got out some scissors and thread and did some changes.

1) I measured our dog's neck, and cut from the thin part of the tie to be the collar part of the tie.
2) I measured how long I wanted the "tie" part and cut accordingly. I sewed the angles at the bottom of the tie. I looped the tie around the collar in the middle and sewed it to adhere - making sure the stitching did not show on the front.
3) I used the thick part of the tie to make the collar look like a shirt.

I tried something different with the back of the collar. Instead of velcro or clasps, I sewed elastic. My daughters dog is really squirmy so I wanted the tie to be easy to take on and off - and the elastic allows the collar to stretch enough to put it on and off - and to do it quickly. 

What a handsome fellow. 

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  1. So Cute!! I'll have to do this! :) I love how he is smiling in the last pic too!

  2. Had to laugh when I saw this Sue....only you! This is wonderful, hope you are getting some good pictures of this! No way could I do this to our cat, lol.

  3. What a perfect model you have...he loves his new tie..thanks for sharing this...my pooches might need one too..

  4. Oh my word! That is DARLING!!! He looks so refined :)