Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Patrick's Day DIY Custom Plates

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My timing is really off for this post to be helpful for St. Patrick's Day this year, BUT I wanted to post this anyway. I love the custom plates I had made in the past for Halloween and Valentine's Day and wanted to make the plates for other holidays too, so here is my version of St. Patrick's Day. I made these plates by printing on clear contact paper, attaching the contact paper to a glass plate, and then placing that plate on a charger. Check out my Halloween plate post for the tutorial...(click on pic)

 I made some word art for one of the plate designs. If you are using words, remember to flip them as the contact paper goes on the bottom of the plate. 

Here is the word art. Right click, save and paste to your favorite publishing program. Adjust size.

The plates that work out the best are the more simplified. I don't know if you noticed in the above picture that the words smudged a bit. The clover image from Graphics Fairy worked out lovely. I grabbed the frame from there as well. 

Check out the Valentine plate post to see how I interchange the plates from season to season. 
Thanks for stopping by!