Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY Fabric Rooster Plaque

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Todays post is DIY kitchen decor. I printed this lovely little rooster out on drop cloth and put it in a round plate hanger that I purchased from Walmart. I sanded the edges of the plate hanger to give it some dimension. I printed the rooster on drop cloth. I actually ran the drop cloth through the printer twice. Once with the rooster image found here... and then again with a french print image found here... I did tweak the rooster image a little bit in iphoto to give it a little redish/brown  color to match the hanger.

I trimmed the fabric about the size of the plate. I cut out a round piece of cardboard, adhered batting to it, then I layered my print out on top of that and put those layers where the plate would go in the plate hanger and clipped it in place with the clips that were on the hanger. So easy!!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Inside Out Quote

I love this quote from Ezra Taft Benson. This was a quote that was in the lesson at my Church today,
Principles of True Repentance.  Repentance is something that is often frowned upon in society. No one likes to admit that they are wrong or are doing something wrong. That is something negative. If something is wrong though, and we keep doing it, that something will continue to bring misery to our lives. The scriptures teach to "repent". This is not a negative command. It is a positive one. Repentance means to change a weakness one has into a strength. It is growth. It is progress. It is changing for the better. Repentance invites us to not sweep the problem under the rug, but rather to face the problem and make the necessary changes to invite peace and happiness into one's life again. The world has different ideas of how to change the world for the better. The Savior knows that to change the world, individuals need to change their hearts based on the laws of happiness, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ.