Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sock Monkey iphone or ipod Touch cover

 I have to post what my daughter made my hubbie and I for Christmas. I tell ya, I was so excited to get this gift. I love sock monkeys, and I happened drop a hint to my daughter that she could make me a sock monkey any time. My daughter gets in these creative moods and can make the most adorable and amazing things. One of her specialties is crochet and knitting. 

Here is my hubbie and I - all giddy (well, at least I am), after we opened our present. Our daughter made Mr. and Mrs. sock monkey ipod covers. The "Mrs." sock monkey has a pink mouth, a pink bow, and eye lashes. "Mr." sock monkey has a red mouth and a uni-brow. Our daughter also made a baby sock monkey stuffy (he is in my shirt).

My daughter just wings it when it comes to her creations, so I cannot give any detail on how she made them. I loved that she stitched "mr." and "mrs." on the back. 

I just love homemade gifts! I am going to treasure these.

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  1. Flip! Well done your daughter, that takes real skill, Total chip off the block eh? I've finally got round to posting my crafting bits and bobs. Hope you had a great christmas and new year!

    Keep it crafty!


  2. from your cool is that?!

  3. So cute! I love anything sock monkey!I found you through Romantic Home. Thanks for sharing!

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