Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Make a Homemade Keeper Trophy

For the last 26 years, I have sponsored an award for our local 4-H Winter Fair. The reason it started is because I won the award one year, but I didn't get a trophy. I was complaining about not getting anything for my achievement, so my mom suggested that I sponsor the award, so the kids who win the award in the future can get a trophy. I must have liked the idea as that is what I did. I purchased an annual award plaque, and then I purchased a keeper trophy every year. After a while, I discontinued supplying a keeper trophy because of the cost of them.  I found a more frugal and creative way to supply a keeper trophy.
   Picture size insert

1. Find a frame that looks trophy like. The one pictured above is perfect. It is free standing, glass and has a silver frame inside the glass. I found it at a dollar store. One year I splurged and paid $10 as I couldn't find a frame I was satisfied with at a $ store. I have found this same frame for the last few years.

2. Make an insert for the frame. Put on the insert the title of the award and the year. Embellish as desired. If you know how to, make the file a JPEG format, transfer it to a jump drive and print it out at a photo developer. I have sent my pictures online before but I have not been happy with some of the results. The insert can be printed at home on picture paper or card stock.

3. Put insert in place. Polish if necessary.

The award I sponsor is different this year as the annual trophy I donated in the past is now full. My siblings and I are sponsoring a new annual award in memory of our dad, who had a passion for 4-H. For the keeper trophy this year, I embellished the insert with a picture of my dad with his first 4-H project.  I chose the colors of the insert to go with the annual award - black and silver.
For less than $2, I made a fabulous keeper trophy. If only I made the annual award that cost us $250+. Maybe next time.

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