Friday, September 9, 2011

Cut Down Your Canning Time - A Tip From My Granny

I love eating canned fruit in the winter time. Sometimes however, the canning process is very time consuming. One summer I canned 75 jars of peaches (which is a lot for me) and I only survived it because of a wonderful tip my Granny gave me. I was telling her of my time consuming canning woes. Removing the skins took so much time. She said that when she canned she did not remove the skins. At first I thought it sounded a little weird. I had all sorts of questions like - are you allowed to do that? Did the skin taste weird? Why didn't I think of that? My Granny told me that when she would open up a can of peaches, she would take the skins off before serving them if people preferred it that way.  So I tried not peeling the peaches. What I found is that I don't have to use as much sugar, as the skin seems to add more flavor to the peaches. I use a very light syrup - 1 1/2 cups sugar and 4 cups water. I found that my hubby likes to eat the skins. I don't like eating the skins - but it is quick and easy to take them off before serving. The time - that was cut more than in half. 

So I asked my Granny - what about pears? That is pretty time consuming peeling those too. She said she didn't peel pears either. I do not like raw pears AT ALL - they have to be canned for me to eat them. There is something about the peel that I don't like, so I was very skeptical about leaving the skins on. Well I will tell you those are the best pears I have ever had. Again - leaving the skin on gave the pears more flavor.

Everyone one is different - so I do not guarantee that you will like the skins left on - but I am pretty picky about my food, and I am absolutely thrilled at this tip my Granny gave me. I went over to a friends one day who had a TON of peaches she bought. It looked like she was a little stressed at the amount of work ahead of her. She had already been canning for a while. Then I told her this tip - and she tried it. She was thrilled. I helped her out for an hour - and we made a lot of head way. She saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

FYI - I heard someone say that not removing skins is not healthy because of all the chemicals that are in the skin - so that is something to consider. Then I heard someone else say that by removing the skin you are removing a lot of the nutrients. Do what works for you - I choose to love the skin.

Let me introduce you to another time saving tip....

This is a propane camp burner. Before buying my glass top range I found out you cannot can on them, but this was the option that was presented to me - buy a propane camp burner. When I canned peaches this week, my hubby timed how long it took the water to come to a boil - would you believe FIVE minutes?  Compared to my kitchen stove that would take about twenty minutes, that is a lot of time to save. This camp burner is awesome - and I wish I had discovered it sooner. If I remember correctly it cost about $30 and it was in the camping section of one of my favorite stores - Canadian Tire. 

Canning is more enjoyable now that it is not an all day task, thanks to my Granny's tip of leaving the skins on and my propane camping stove.

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  1. We grow and can our own vegetables but haven't had much success with fruit yet. Our daughter is crazy about peaches and pears right now. This may be something I have to try! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from TT&J

  2. I think leaving the skins raises the pectin level also (what makes jam jammy) I don't even peel my tomatoes anymore...if they are homegrown or organic farmers market, who needs to? My mom used to blanch her tomatoes for a bit and then the skins slip right off also. I couldn't believe when I saw a lady (who's wall I was doing some decorative painting on)sit down and hand peel her tomatoes before canning! Such wasted time! Your peaches look divine! Julia

  3. I wish I knew this before I did 2 bushels of peaches! I was wondering how long ago you go this camp stove and did it come with the stand? I love it!!

    1. I got the camp stove four years ago - and it did come with the stand. I did see one at a hardware store and at a outdoor sports store a little while ago. I have seen people cook big batches of corn on the cob in them too! Very useful!!