Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Retirement Survival Kit

 Hello! Welcome to my blog! It is has been an exciting year at my house. I started a new career (hence the fewer posts I have been able to do) while my husband retired from his career. Due to my love of making survival kits - a retirement one was inevitable. Here is what I put in it:

1. Don't Waste All Your Days - Item that went with tag: Waste Basket
2. Old Wild and Free as a Bird - Item that went with tag: Bird Feeder
3. No More Rough Work Days - Item that went with tag: Sanding Blocks
4. Retirement is Not a Time for Sleep -Item that went with tag: Sleeping Mask
5. Take a Load off Your Feet - Item that went with tag: Socks
6. You Worked to Make Your Money, Now Make Your Money Stretch: Bungey Cord
7. Enjoy Being Put Out to Pasture - grass seed
8. The Daily Grind of Hard Work Has Left You Polished - Shoe Polish

You can get the PDF for the tags HERE

Print out the tags, trim, punch holes in corner, use twine/ribbon to tie to items. I put all the items in the waste basket, added some tissue, tied the tag to the front and it was finished! Have fun and get creative!! I would love to hear the different items and/or sayings you come up with!!
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