Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nylon Doll Nativity

About ten years ago I made a nylon doll nativity that I re-crafted today. I made these dolls with the idea of putting them on a wreath. I thought these were so cute, that I suggested to my daughter that she make these wreaths for Christmas presents for her grandmothers and great grandmother.

The wreath pictured above is the one I made. The dolls pictured below are the ones my daughter made when she was in grade six. They are so adorable. She did make wreaths for the grandparents, however we received my grandmothers back when she passed away. I did not need two of these wreaths.
So I pulled the dolls off and glued them to a wood slice that I had hanging around. 

Now these adorable dolls my daughter made are the centerpiece in my living room. They bring back memories of my granny, the treasured time my daughter and I had when these were created, and the reminder that Christmas should be centered around Christ, and His message of love for all. 
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