Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One Cool Peep - Candy Bouquet with Gift Card Slot

Hello and welcome to my blog! I love birthdays and being a creative gift giver. It seems like a lot of family members in my family right now like to ask for gift cards. I don't like just giving a plastic card - I like a little element of surprise so that takes some creativity. Candy bouquets are a great way to add a special feeling to one's special day... With this particular birthday being around Easter I wanted to take advantage of the Easter treats available, and so a peep bouquet was in order.

I made and printed out this saying on card stock with the birthday saying on the back. I taped two wooden skewers to the inside of the saying for the back, then I glued around the saying on the sides and the bottom - leaving the top open to insert a gift card.

This is a great teenage birthday gift and can certainly be made into a masculine version if you of course change the color scheme.

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