Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy "Pop's" Day - Father's Day Gift Idea

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I never got around to posting last years Father's Day gifts I made. I basically made a few goodies with the same tag with the theme of "Pop". I am always looking for something creative to make and once I make it I hope to help someone else out. The tag is free to use for personal use. Click on image and save or copy to your favourite program. Paste and resize as desired. I printed mine out on kraft card stock as that is a versatile paper and always looks great!

The first gift I put in a lunch bag that I cut down. I stuffed the bag with a few goodies, tied raffia around the bag and glued the tag on. 

The second gift I made like a candy bouquet. I wrapped a super large tuna can with wrapping paper. I added all sorts of things with a pop theme - soda pop, popcorn, and cake pops. Actually they were brownie bites that I put on a stick. I printed out moustaches and glued them to the wrapper. I added candies to the can too so it was filled. 

The next gift was a goodie bag that I gave to my brother. I cut a hole in a lunch bag and put popcorn in a plastic bag, then in the lunch bag. An easy goodie bag.

Hopefully this will give you some Father's Day gift ideas!
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