Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reap What You Sow - Marriage Survival Kit

It is that time of year again - WEDDING SEASON! I have not had to organize a wedding yet, but a lot of my friends have - thus, I get to create a lot of wedding gifts. This couple had already been set up in there house so I needed to think beyond the kitchen and household items that are usually given. And so - the REAP WHAT YOU SOW marriage survival kit was invented. Here is what I put in the kit:

1. Don't get choked out with weeds - Garden Tools. I purchased mine at Canadian Tire but I also saw a similar set at Costco.

2. Work together, hand in hand - Garden gloves.

3. Plant your roots in fertile ground - potting mix.

4. Don't let your love wilt - watering can.

5. Cut out the dead wood to allow for new growth - pruning shears

6. Add the essential nutrients - Miracle Grow

Each tag has a corresponding quote which has a suggestion on strengthening marriage which relates to the title on the tag. I printed each set out on card stock. I put the quote tag behind the title tag.
You can find the pdf file for the tags HERE.

I purchased a large galvanized bucket from a Dollar Store and fastened burlap and lace around it to match the tags. 
Stay tuned for my next project - Home Sweet Home Marriage Survival Kit.
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  1. Did the card stock you use already have the white floral design?

    1. Hello - and so sorry for the late reply as it will probably not help you now. No the card stock I used was plain white. Did the floral not show up when you printed it?