Saturday, September 17, 2016

Light and Life - Christmas Printable and Card

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Since Christmas is a few months away, it is about time that I post some projects that I made last year that I did not have time to post before Christmas. Instead of a photo family card last year I made a regular card. I seen a poster online and I liked the idea of it for a card (when I find it again I will link to it).

I printed the image I made on kraft card stock. I fit four to a page. After cutting the images, I adhered glue to the circle area, plus a few dots in one corner and stamped a star. I sprinkled glitter generously to the page and let dry over night. After tapping off the excess glitter I adhered the glittered image with pop dots to a craft card that had a cream background paper previously attached to it. A simple to do card with a beautiful effect. The image is free to use for personal use. Click on the above image, save and copy to your favourite publishing program.
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