Wednesday, March 21, 2018

DIY Easter Wreath

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I wanted to make a festive Easter display in my kitchen, but I did not want to buy anything. I am striving to be a minimalist these days by using what I have in my craft room collection instead of the tantalizing idea of buying new things. 

I had a foam wreath on hand and some moss. I laid the moss on the wreath and wrapped wire around it to secure. It took a bit of fussing to fill in all the holes. I left the very back moss free. 
 Adding decorations were tricky as I did not want to buy anything. I needed to get creative. I had made paper bunnies and carrots the previous year for another project. I found a printable bunny shape online to use as my pattern, sewed it and stuffed it a little - and the carrot is a version of the bag with a twist , just skinnier and green paper stapled on top. 
I stuck a push pin into the back of a wood sign that  my hubby made me for my birthday. I am happy with the results! What can you find in your house to decorate with this year?
Happy Easter!

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