Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mom - You Are TeaRiffic! Mother's Day Gift Basket

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I am a couple years behind on putting my Mother's Day gifts on my blog, so my next few posts will be ideas for Mother's Day. In 2017 I used a tea theme for a gift basket. For this gift basket I used a wood box, a mug filled with wrapped chocolates, a potted plant, bags with tea and fancy sugar.

For heat transfer tips see my post HERE.

I made the sugar cubes by adding a little bit of water to regular sugar, and then I pressed the moist sugar into a clay mold. Of course you want your mold to be small. Let dry. I let mine sit over night. They turned out really cute!
 Here are some of the tags I made. You are free to use them for personal use.

I hope this gives you some ideas !
Stay tuned for the next Mother's day gift idea!

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