Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teen Gift Wrap and Card Idea

I have always loved to wrap presents. Yes, I like them to look nice, but sometimes I get this mean streak come over me. When I get the opportunity to wrap a gift in a unique and memorable way - I GO FOR IT!
For example, one year my sister had on her Christmas wish list two items - perfume and a microwave. I like to get what people ask for, BUT, I don't want the gift under the tree to be a dead give away. I bought her the perfume, but I wrapped it in a microwave box. I had to wrap the gift quite a few times, in several different boxes, and I had to add weight so it felt like it was a microwave.

My most recent mean streak was a gift for my nephew. All he wanted for his birthday was money. That is what he got, but I had to make the gift a little more memorable than that. Here's what I did....

I put the money in a jello box (with the jello), wrapped it, and put the wrapped box in a cracker box, and stuffed it with tissue. I wrapped that box. I bought some chain, wrapped it around the box, and attached a lock to the chain. I got the chain as tight as I could. I added the three numbers to the combination with stickers to decorate the gift.  I wrote on the bottom the directions for the turns to unlock the lock.
What I would do differently...Buy more chain. I only bought four feet, but I would at least double it. My nephew was eventually able to just work the chain off. He couldn't figure out the combination, so next time I would have some kind of code that could be figured out (eg. put stickers on the gift - the # on the gift the most is the first #, the second most - the second #).
This was not the easiest gift to wrap. I had to find the perfect size box to fit the chain, so it was a bit of a pain, but the results were good. My nephews face was worth all the fuss. Something to think about if you do this idea, I thought the chain would be wide enough to fit the lock, but we had to widen the links to fit it. Take the lock with you when you buy the chain.

Here is the card I made to go with it....
I made a circle card and attached a handle to the inside. I used pop dots to raise the smallest circles.
And the inside.... I printed out the saying, and glued it over the handle that I previously attached.


  1. Perfect for a boy gift! Very creative. Have enjoyed browsing your blog this morning and look forward to future posts. Going to make those refrigerator rolls tonight! They look easy and yummy!

  2. the lock and chain! I hate giving money, it seems so unimaginative but he couldn't say that about this gift!! Will have to remember this....