Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Treat Bags

I have made some treat bags that are fairly easy. I don't make many of these, I just want to give them to my daughters babysitting crew and our neighbors kids.

I typed out a page with six "happy halloween" sayings on it.

Halloween Printout

The first bat is made from punching three circles, a large black one,  a small black one, and a small white one. The small circle I cut in half and then cut out dips to make bat wings. The small white circle I cut in half for the mouth. I am thinking it would have been cool to do a green or purple mouth - next time I guess. Then I cut out two tiny triangles for the ears. For the eyes, I used two different sized googly eyes. I inked the edges of the tag, glued everything together, including a green background to frame the tag, poked two holes in the top of the bag and the tag, and inserted a ribbon to tie it all together.
The second bat I hand drew. You can download an outline here....

Bat Outline Printout

The bat that has the square around it is the size I used for the tag. Cut the bat size out that you desire, and draw around the outline with a white pencil crayon on black card stock. Cut the bat out leaving a bit of black outline (don't cut on the lines). Draw a face. Cut out a couple clouds and ink, punch a circle for the moon. Glue as desired. I adhered the bat using pop dots. Next time I will ink yellow around the moon. I completed the bag the same as the first one.

The next tag I did I punched three circles the same size. I used a creepy green color for my main background and the two other colors I wanted to be my ground. I ripped the ground circles at different heights. I inked around the edges and glued them together. I pasted a cricut tree crooked on the round tag in between the ground layers. I made a tiny ghost and drew on gravestones. I used a white felt pen to dot on the gravestones. One was big enough to write "RIP".  I adhered the ghost on with pop dots. I glued on a purple border and I finished the bag the same as the first one.

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