Saturday, October 23, 2010

Outdoor Halloween Decor - Wood Block Tutorial

I wanted to make some wood blocks for Halloween this year. I wanted something different from the regular "boo" so I decided to do "eek!"
Here's how I made the blocks....
I picked out 3 2 X10's from my scrap wood pile, and one 2x6. My pieces were all different sizes, the tallest being 12 inches. I sanded each block on all sides with a power sander.
Then I took a rag and wiped off all the dust.
Next, I painted the blocks. I used orange, lavender (purple) and pear green.
I printed out letters on my computer. I think the biggest font size was 1200.
The capital is from a font called Kwekel. the lower case letters are from a font called Lima Bean.
I cut the letters out, and then taped them on the blocks using masking tape.
Then I sponged on black paint, not quite reaching the sides, but making sure the letters were outlined. When the paint is dry remove the paper letters.
If you are putting the blocks outside, it would be a good idea to protect the blocks applying a stain. Just lightly sand the blocks first, dust off, and apply the stain.

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