Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Dinner

We did a special Halloween theme dinner during the week.  This is what was served.....
"Guacamoldy" - This was a cute idea. I found this idea on the Martha Stewart website.
"Eyeballs" - I needed to be a good girl and serve a vegetable with this meal so I opted for carrot eyeballs. I found this on the Family Fun website.
The "fingers" idea was also from the Family Fun website. These were super easy to do and looked so much like fingers. Although these fingers looked fantastic, if I do another Halloween meal I would choose to make chicken fingers. I saw a recipe on the BHG website. The "shriveled brains" I found on the Martha Stewart website. They were super easy too and very tasty.
"Worms in dirt". I found this idea on the Martha Stewart website as well, but the worms were just in mashed black beans. I wanted to make a black bean dip my family likes. The worms are hot dogs, sliced and boiled in water until they are curly. I quartered my hot dogs, but I would cut them even finer to make smaller worms.
We also had grape juice that was in a mason jar with a label. We had red jello, but I didn't do anything fancy with that. I meant to make cupcakes but I ran out of time.
I printed out labels. I found a cool frame from Vintage Vectors. I inked around the edges with my tea dye ink. I didn't take a picture of the whole table (I am kicking myself for that), but my homemade cake stand made an awesome display for some of the food.

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