Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Treat Basket

This Halloween Treat basket's foundation came from a box inside a tampax super pack. These handy little half boxes make great starters for homemade baskets. With this one, I cut 3 inches off to make the basket not as deep. I glued on a handle (a one inch wide strip by 11 inches) and then I wrapped the box with orange card stock, scoring the corners using the piece I previously cut off as a guide to know where to score. The cob web was cut out with cricut. If you don't have a cricut with a cobweb in your cartridges, you can draw a cobweb, or print a cobweb clipart out on your card stock.
For the spider, I glued on a black pom pom and glued on two different sized eyes.
Then I glued on black ribbon all the way around the basket - top and bottom.  Next, I glued on a button that was embellished with ribbon and twine. Just cut a two inch piece of ribbon, lay it on top of the button. Thread in the twine from the back of the button through two holes. Tie a knot or two in the twine, catching the ribbon in it. Trim ribbon as desired.
These are so cute. I can't wait to give them away!

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