Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Make a Mini Hanger

I needed something to do at an enduro race my hubby was in and this is what I made - mini hangers! I am wanting to utilize the hanging space I have in my craft closet - but didn't want to use the full size hangers. I plan on putting ribbon on the hangers. The following tutorial comes to you via my sweeties truck.

1. The wire length is 18 inches. I honestly don't know what gauge the wire I used is. It was on a roll from the $ store and didn't say what strength it was. It is not as thick as a hanger wire - but it is not too thin that it won't stand up to some handling. After the wire is cut - make a hook shape and make a bend to the right at 3 5/8. This bend is the bottom of the hanger hook. 

2. From the bend at the bottom of the hanger hook, measure 3 1/2 inches and make a bend to the left.

3. Measure 6 inches and make a bend to the right.

4. Measure another 3 1/2 inches of wire and make another bend to the left, wrapping around the bottom of the hanger hook.

5. Twist the remaining wire around the hanger hook wire, using pliers to tighten it.

6. Shape the wire to make the hanger look even on both sides and manipulate the wire using your hands until it gets the look you desire. I had some pretty funny looking hangers at first, but the wire is pretty forgiving and even the weirdest looking hanger looked good after a bit of shaping. 

These hangers were a lot of fun. I have made twenty so far. 

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  1. These are really fun! I just looked at the pictures first, then read your post. I was thinking maybe they were to hang doggie clothing on. :) Look forward to seeing your ribbon storage. (I am addicted to storage & organization ideas.)