Monday, July 4, 2011

Homemade CD/DVD Pouch

I am on a quest this summer to do some organizing around my house and this is one of my first projects. My daughter has a pile of discs that don't have cases. An easy fix are these paper pouches that I am going to put in a basket. Might as well make them pretty! Here is what I did....

I printed off some antique french opera sheet music from Graphics Fairy. I had to do two of these images to make it long enough. I also added an ornate frame label to have an area to write what is in the pouch. I used kraft paper from a roll and cut it to 8 1/2 x 11 inches to fit my printer. I taped this paper to cardstock with double sided tape so it would go through my printer without it being eaten. I cut the graphic to 5 1/2 inches wide x 10 inches length. I folded it in half and sewed the sides fairly close to the edges. I also cut a partial circle off the top with a circle punch so it would be easy to grab the disc from the pouch.

Here is the back. 

I made a few pouches that had lace in the middle too, using up some scrap lace. My daughter loves the pouches. Now to think up something for her DS games.....

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