Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canada Day Fabric Yo-Yo Doily

I am on a quest to streamline my fabric scraps into three boxes, and this little Canada Day decorating project helped get rid of some in style. Do you have some fabric scraps you need to diminish? How about making fabric yo-yo doilies? I am thinking I might make one for a bunch of different occasions.
1. I made 16 yo yo's starting with 6"diameter circles. 
2. Line up the yo-yo's how you want them to be placed. Sew them in groups of four, then sew the groups of four together. I sewed about a 3/4" long stitch when sewing them together. 
Wouldn't this be really cool with the American Flag colors? I am picturing stars and stripes here.
Put a favorite centerpiece on it and you have a sweet patriotic centerpiece. 

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