Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shirt and Tie Goodie Bag For Dad

Every year at church, the women provide a little something for the men on Father's Day. I saw all the cute little shirt and tie bags made out of lunch bags on blogs- but I didn't want the goodie bags to be that big. I also wanted a white shirt - so I came up with the white little sandwich bag idea.

I bought these bags at a wholesale store - they came in a case of 1000. Let's just say I am stocked for life - but there are so many crafts one can make with these little beauties. For the ties, I cut out a tie shape to fit the bag, and found some scrapbook paper that had neat patterns. This is a good way to use up  outdated paper, or paper from slabs that you had no idea what to do with it. These goodie bags are simple and perfect for mass production. We made 80 of these. Here is how you do it....

1. Start with a paper sandwich bag. 
2. Fold the top over (approximately 2 inches - depending on what you put in the bag).
3. Cut out the collar. 
4. Staple on a tie. We used two staples to hold each collar down. 

These bags are so adorable - I can't wait to give them out on Father's Day.
Check out my Dad's Day page for other Father's Day ideas!!
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  1. Love it!! Hey I'll be featuring your Dad Specimen Art in Darling Day on friday!! I might add this too!

  2. This is such a fun idea!

  3. Awesome, idea...will definitely do this! Thanks