Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ForeFathers Specimen Art

I have wanted to somehow have pictures of all the Father's in my family displayed around Father's Day, and I finally figured out how - specimen art. I am fortunate to have quite a few pictures of the Dad's in my family and so this was perfect. I found a graphic called
I gathered all my pics and got to work sizing them on my computer and adjusting the sizes to fit the different frames I had. With a couple family lines I had three generations of men so I put them in the same frame with a surname tag.

I love these pictures. My grandfather is on the bottom, his father above him and his grandfather diagonal to him. With the surname tag I found some leaf clip art to give it a family tree theme. 

This is my grandmothers family. Her dad is in the top left corner, his dad beneath him and his dad beside. I did type their names on the picture - but you can't see it very good in these pictures as they are a small font. 

My hubbies family does not have many pictures. I put my father in law in the frame, but the two other men are my hubbies mom's family - so for the label I put "Ken's Family". I had a linen board from a frame that I used on the Italian Roots art specimen - but I didn't have more - so I downloaded a
linen digital paper from Graphics Fairy 
for my other art pieces. 

The same goes for my dad's family, I only had a picture of my dad and his - but I had a picture of my grandmother's father. The common theme here is Italian roots - so that was the title I gave this piece. 

I love family history. When I do things like this I feel a closer connection to those who have passed on. Father's Day is a great reason to get those old pictures out and celebrate all the father's in your family.

Check out my "Dad's Day" page for some more Father's Day ideas.


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  1. What an awesome way to show your roots! I love projects that are meaningful. Great job!