Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Make a Floor Duster Cover

Here is another idea I found on Pinterest. I am a pretty frugal gal and because of that I only have two floor duster covers - while one is in the wash the other is on my duster. I would own more but for almost $10 a piece I have been getting by with two. Then I saw this idea and was so excited. I purchased a towel at the $ store for a dollar - I used some thick elastic I had in my stash (although I have no idea where the thick elastic came from as I have never used it before) and went to work. 
Please check out where I got the idea from. The blog does not have a tutorial for a floor duster cover but it has one to make your own swiffer duster replacement - so go check it out at the 
Here is what I did....
1. I used my store bought floor dusting cloth as my pattern.
2. I put the duster on the towel and then I cut about 1 1/2 inches away from the duster to allow for seams and folding. I cut my elastics to be the same size as the original.
3. I folded one side, put the elastic in the middle and sewed a seam down that side. I took the other side and did the same - but I made sure it was the same size as my store bought duster.
4. Working on the long sides now - I folded each side over and sewed the seam in place - making sure it was the same size as the original. I did some reinforcing stitching at the elastic parts as that is where I pull and tug to get the duster on and off.
I am pleased with the results and I am going to make more!

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