Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Toy Story Halloween Costume

I do not make Halloween costumes for my daughter anymore, but I thought I would share my favorite costume that I made her. My daughter loved Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story once upon a time - and we had watched a neat segment on one of our favorite shows, Art Attack, on how to make box horses. Although I did not know how to draw at all, I set out to make this outfit. I used pictures to be my guide, and I think I did pretty good considering my drawing skills are not very good. 
I couldn't find the Art Attack tutorial on how to make a cardboard horse - but I found one on ehow. CLICK HERE to go to it.

I used to make and sell baby western wear, so making the western shirt for me was reasonably easy. One could easily get a white shirt from a second hand store and add on the yellow yoke and cuffs, with red braid. I found the hat at Value Village, and I bought some cheap cow material from a fabric store and baste stitched it to a pair of her jeans - to remove later. I borrowed a pair of cowboy boots - but warning - cowboy boots are not comfortable - if I did this again I would go with runners all the way.
I did braid my daughters hair. 

Other costumes my daughter wore:

 Little Red Riding Hood
 lady bug
wounded dirt biker

This year she is dressing up as Jessie from Pokemon - and she is going to put a pikachu stuffie in a butterfly net. She might dress her dog up as James. Too funny.

Happy Costume Making!!

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  1. What an adorable photo, Sue. Such precious memories.
    Warm regards,

  2. That is so cute!! Very clever idea :)

  3. I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because you're so inspiring! Go check out the details at :)

  4. This is the cutest costume I've seen in a long time.