Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inkjet Printer Image Transfer Method

I wanted to paint on a wood plaque the words "Hoppy Spring". The only issue I had was I did not like my free hand printing. This posed an opportunity to try a transfer method that had been on my "try" list. 
I saw a tutorial on the matsutake blog CLICK HERE to see what they transferred. 

1. First of all - I covered a piece of cardstock with washable Elmer's glue, let it dry over night - and printed my image. I used words, so I made sure I flipped or mirror imaged it. 
2. Then I cut out the image and covered the woodsie with mod podge. I pressed the image on to the mod podged wood and let it dry completely. 
3. When the image was completely dry - I put a soaking wet cloth on the wood to moisten the paper. After 5 minutes - a started peeling the paper off the wood. 
4. According to the tutorial I followed, I put the wood under running water to thoroughly wash the bits of paper off the wood.

I cannot say the ink did not run at all. Check out the 'n', 's' and 'y' - however I was pleasantly surprised at this transfer method. It was definitely handy not getting a laser copy. 

Another transfer method I have tried is with gel medium and a laser copy image.

CLICK HERE to see this tutorial.

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