Saturday, June 2, 2012

Road of Life Survival Kit - Graduation Gift Idea

I have been working on this gift for a while now and it is FINALLY done. My daughters graduation is just around the corner and I decided to make her this Road of Life survival kit for a graduation present.
Everything in this kit has something to do with a car - and not every graduate has a car - but I think other items could easily be substituted to go with the sayings. Here is what I put in the kit...

Item - Saying - (Meaning)

1. Flashlight - Getting Dark? Shine a light on it. (Faith)
2. First Aid Kit - Car Wreck? Assess the damage and make repairs. (Endurance and courage)
3. Shovel - Stuck in a Rut? (Making changes - trying something new)

4. Gas Can - Don't run on empty. (Don't waste a day)
5. Gas Gift Card - Make the trip worthwhile, go the second mile. (work and character ethics)
6. Pylons - Watch for warning signs. (Making wise choices)

7. City Map - Chart your course. (Making goals)
8. Zap straps, rope and bungee cords - Secure your load before winds of adversity strike. (Staying strong, don't give up)
9. Blind Spot Mirrors - Check your blind spots. (Personal improvement)

10. Gloves - put your work gloves on and use elbow grease. (love and pride of work)
11.  Emergency blanket - Caution - your comfort zone could be a dead end. (motivation)
12. Tools - Use the tools of the road. (Use resources available)

13. Air compressor - Feeling flat? Pump yourself up with purpose. (Have a purpose and go for it)
14. Emergency Glass Hammer and Knife - Feeling trapped? Have an escape plan. (don't let critics hold you back)
15. WD - 40 - Before the wheels seize, use WD. (work and decision importance)

I purchased a little vintage suitcase from a second hand store and put everything inside except for the gas can as it didn't fit. I was going to spray paint it but decided not to as my daughters car is green. I made a tag and put it on the suitcase.

Here are the files for the tags to go on the separate items. The quotes that are included have special meaning to me - and maybe they will have special meaning with you. If they don't fit what you need there are a ton of inspirational quotes out there you can find. It was finding the quotes that took the most time for this project. 
Right click on image(s), copy and paste into your favorite program. Resize to fit full page. 
I printed each page out on kraft card stock - cut each tag out - and glued it on to a black card stock with the inspirational quote on the back of the black. I used this car image CLICK HERE for the little cars on each tag - adhering them with a pop dot. I wish I had "FLIPPED" half of them to give some variety on the tags.

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  1. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. What a great gift and a to. Of thought put into this I am sure she will loved it

  3. you are an amazing crafter. i love your ideas. :) keep up the great work.

  4. great gift put a lot into it..i would like to keep it in mind and will use for the design of Gift Card envelopes.

  5. You could also buy a hard laundry basket or a shower caddy and store everything in it. Survival Kits

  6. Good information. Lucky me I came accross your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book-marked it for later!