Friday, June 8, 2012

Super Hero Action Pack - DIY Father's Day Gift

I saw a great idea on Pinterest that sparked this gift idea for this year's Father's Day gift. It was a Super Hero gift pack from Alphamom- click here to see it. I thought it would be neat to put a gift pack together that match action words, so here is what I came up with...

Images are below - right click - copy and paste to favorite program. Resize as desired. Print.
Item - Action Word - Saying
1. Pop - ZING! - You can be ama"zing"ly sweet.
2. Power bar - POW! - You are strong and "pow"erful

Item - Action Word - Saying
3. Jeans - SMASH! - You are "smash'ingly handsome and you passed on those genes to your children.
4 - Lifesavers - BAM! - When we need you, "bam"! your there. You are a lifesaver.
5 - Cashews/Nuts - BONK! - You drive us "bonk"ers with your sense of humor. We like that you are a little nuts.
6. Chips - KRUNCH! - Countless times you are there getting us out of a "krunch".
7. Bomb (made of toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners stuffed with chocolates - BOOM! - You're the bomb! Sometimes you blow up but you stick around to pick up the pieces.
8. Refrigerator Dough - WHACK! You make a "whack" of dough to put a roof over our heads, food on our plates and clothes on our backs.
An item I forgot to take a picture of....
9. Chapstick - SMACK! Holy "smack"ers! Your smile can turn a rough day into a wonderful one.
I printed out each tag and added the saying to the back of the action word. I added personal notes to each tag.
I made a box bag to put the contents in. The picture above is showing the inside of the bag. I used a shoe box bottom for the base. This bag is AWESOME for those hard to fit gifts.
CLICK HERE to go to the tutorial to make a box bag. I printed out and glued the super hero action burst sign to the front of the bag.
The images for the tags are below - right click on each action word- copy and paste to favorite program. 
Resize as desired. Print.

I hope this helps you with your Father's Day preparations.
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