Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dad, You Are Wheelie Great - Father's Day Gift

 I seen a card somewhere on Pinterest with this saying - "Dad - You are Wheelie Great!" The saying is perfect for my husband for Father's Day. I was originally going to make this a candy bouquet, but it turned out to be more like a big 3D card with candy and sweets in it.
Here is what I did:

1. I started with a base from a waxed paper box. I cut off the top and wrapped it in kraft paper.
2. I cut out green card stock (different tones) and glued a short one on the front of the box and a taller one to the inside back of the box.
2. I loaded the base with packaged M&M's and peanuts, and then I dumped chocolate covered almonds on top to give a rocky road effect.
3. I glued card stock bike rider images (FIND IMAGE HERE) to the grass scenery that I previously glued wrapped Oreo cookies to. I printed out extra images to glue the tire area of the image to the front of the cookie to cover them.
4. I glued paper grass cut outs here and there to the green areas.
5. I glued two pieces of cardboard (that was about 1/4 inch depth) to the back of the tall greenery to give the display some depth. Then I glued a scenery background that I printed off my computer. Find image HERE.

I printed out the saying I made - and ended up cutting it to make it fit.

My daughter is going to make a movie to go with this gift from clips off her dad's GoPro from rides he has recorded. It will make for a wheelie great gift!!

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