Friday, June 7, 2013

New Dad Special Operations Kit

Welcome to my blog! I have been busy, busy with Father's Day preparations. This gift pack is geared towards new dad's with the goal of prepping them in a fun way for their future important mission of being an awesome dad.
Here is what I put in the kit:
There were four envelopes. Each one of them contained items that corresponded to a special mission.
Mission #1 Operation James Bond Time
This envelope contained items to help with daddy/baby time. I purchased a book called "We Belong Together" by Joyce Wan (this book is adorable - great art and textured) and a toy.

Mission #2 Operation Stealth Mode
This envelope contained items that may encourage sleep. I purchased soothers, a receiving blanket and an eye cover. 

 Mission #3 Diffuse the Bomb
This envelope contained items to help daddy with diaper changing duty - wipes, diapers, and a garbage bag with a warning label "Danger Hazardous Waste"

 Mission #4 Flaming Fire
This envelope contained a match book I made with tips on Mommy and Daddy relations.

I put the envelopes in a box I covered with kraft paper (it was a square pop box cut in half)
and I glued the special mission letter to it:

Here are the tags for each envelope:

This was a lot of fun and rewarding to give!
Do you know someone who is going to be a new daddy soon? Why don't you give this a try?

Thanks for stopping by!