Monday, October 13, 2014

Mother Who Knows Survival Kit With Free Download

 Hello! Welcome to my blog! My life has been super busy the last few months so my creative side has had take a little break. I made a gift like this quite a while ago, but I decided it needed a little tweaking along with some tags that can be downloaded. This is a Christian centered baby shower gift. The idea is inspired from a talk Julie B Beck gave a few years ago about the importance of Mother's who know who they are, who God is, and who know the importance of Motherhood.

Although the gift theme is inspired by this particular talk, I have used quotes from others that help and inspire mothers with this awesome responsibility of raising their little ones. 

 I am having issues with my Google Drive right now, so if you would like the pdf you can email me. I printed the tags on kraft card stock. 
I cut out the quotes (on the first line of the border so it was a little smaller) and glued them on the back.

Here's what I put in the kit:

1. Great worth - craft jewels
2. Clothe... in righteousness - clothes
3. Don't Waste Energy - fluorescent light bulb
4. Cry For Help - tissue
5. Power to Heal - band aids
6. Atmosphere of learning - baby book

Here are pictures of some of the items with tags.

Thanks for stopping by!

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