Sunday, November 16, 2014

Doctrinal Diamonds

Hello, and welcome to my blog. It seems like ages since I have been on here. At the end of summer I was called as the Relief Society President for my ward. For those who do not know what this is, I am called to serve as the female leader of my congregation. This is a call that is very demanding. With going back to work full time, and a few other things that have been added to my plate, my daily scripture reading has not been as enlightening as it has been in the past. I get more out of the scriptures when I write something about the thoughts and feelings that came to me as I read. I am organizing my time a little better now and getting back into the groove. 
I love this quote from Neal A Maxwell expressing so beautifully that scriptures are doctrinal diamonds, that when read with the Spirit, will sparkle and illuminate the path we are to follow. I know that so often when I pray for direction, the answer comes through a scripture that plays back in my mind, even though I had not memorized it. 

Neal A Maxwell says some other things about scriptures...

The holy scriptures represent mankind's spiritual memory. And when man's connection with scripture is severed, mortals are tragically deprived of an awareness of spiritual history, blinding the eyes of faith.

How can we truly understand who we are unless we know who we were and what we have the power to become? How can there be real identity without real history? How can one understand his tiny, individual plot without knowing, even a little, about Father's grand, galactic plans?

We possess these truths! Now they must come to possess us! We are to search them, to ponder them, to feel them, and to live by them!

I know that by searching them I have found greater meaning and purpose in my life, and by applying the doctrines contained in them I find greater success. 

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