Saturday, November 4, 2017

Starving Student Edible Advent Calendar

I made my first "starving student" advent calendar a couple years ago when my daughter was being trained to be a tattoo artist. Starving is an exaggeration - but when kids are going to school - mom's worry about what they are eating. I made an edible advent calendar as a creative way to help her out with her food bill. I bought things like cheese, Nutella, wraps, butter (on the more expensive side). The things that needed refrigerating I put in a different package and said they need to be put in a fridge. I also had easy to make items like pasta, pasta sauce - as I knew that was on my daughters menu and she was able to make it. 

Now that she is done her training, I make her a "starving artist" advent calendar. These are the tags I made to go with the calendar last year. The first year I had some scrapbook paper with numbers on them.

What kind of things would you put in an edible advent calendar?
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